Tom Wellington (that’s me, lol) is a UI/UX designer and musician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Professionally, I work with Stratosphere Digital to make simple websites and apps that don’t take lots of resources or time from your day. I also design dance music.

Below is an assorted collection of graphic designs. My UI/UX design portfolio is available upon request.

A screenshot of three images layered atop one another to make the album art for "Every Night, I Thank the Sky for the Moon" by tommy electraAn op-art illustration that served as CD artworkAn image of the crowd at game six of the Milwaukee Bucks finals championship, manipulated to display the tracklisting for an album.Promotional image for "Every Night, I Thank the Sky for the Moon" by tommy electra, displaying the album's title and tracklist.
a white t-shirt on a dark grey concrete floor that says "I went to heaven and all I got was this stupid shirt"a 3D render of a Polo by Ralph Lauren teddy bear that is crying and holding a bouquet of roses under a streetlight.album artwork for the upcoming "Primadonna" project made by Tombo and Yung Fambo
Some black and white wavy lines with a dark blue highlight across som parts and a pink circle overlaid the top left portion.a set of three marbles colored orange, blue, and red rolling down a staircase made from an optical illusion in the imagean isometric 3D illustration for the app "Password Safe" that depicts a safe and multiple keys laying around and being made, alluding to the password generation, storage, and filling capabilities of the app.a glitchy image of some greenery and some pink patches above it. also includes waves and a Nike swoosh symbol made from clipped images of people rowing boats.a mixed media image made from acrylic paint and digital collage. it is orange, yellow, black, and pale green in color with lots of smudges and messy texture.A chaotic, metallic orange swirl over a pink and purple gradient background.a t-shirt design featuring bright green letters with a grassy texture to them that spells "Gear Symbol" in a Y2K-inspired font.a pink-hued, lo-fi 3D render of icebergs in an icy water oasisa promotional poster for the album "from us to you" by tombo and tommy electra (fka tommy_emo)
an icon for an app called "voice notes" that features an angled microphone nestled against a 3D folder with a shadow spilling dramatically against it from the microphone.a logo for a collection of apps made by Carlos Jeurissenan app icon featuring lots of petal shapes layered atop one another with varying degrees of color and brightnessan icon for an app named "Pulse SMS" that features a lively chat bubble along with a creased teal background.

At the moment, my design portfolio is only available by request. However, you can still contact me at if you need design-related help on your project. I can handle UI/UX, visual design, and prototyping.