tommy electra (aka Tom Wellington) (aka me) is making emotive electronica in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For me, making music is an escape from my daily routine and a way to express things about myself that I otherwise would not be able to.

My debut album, "Every Night, I Thank the Sky for the Moon" is releasing in December of 2021. Follow me on Instagram or Bandcamp to be be updated promptly when the album releases.
Most recent Release
by tommy electra • Single • 3 minutes
Released 12/06/2021
Upcoming Releases
Every Night, I Thank the Sky for the Moon
by tommy electra • 8 songs • 22 minutes
Releasing 12/10/2021
by tommy electra • 1 song • 3 minutes
Releasing 12/08/2021
Past Releases
a pyramid of a few colors overlaid onto an image of what appears to be the desert, with a full moon to the top left of the image.
from us to you
by tombo & tommy_emo • 5 songs • 13 minutes
Released 02/01/21
Previous releases that are not listed here only exist on Bandcamp. Happy hunting!